During my first year serving on MACOY, I presented an unresolved issue that I saw greatly affected my community: the transit system. Specifically for students, it was often that public transit busses were overcrowded, had inconsistent timings, and unaligned schedules. 

Through MACOY, I was able to lead a team and launch a survey that recorded the opinions of over 200 students. Shockingly, we discovered the average rating for the transit system was a 5/10. After analyzing the data and creating a report about suggestions for the benefit of public bussing, I brought it to my municipality. It was a massive success, inspiring a renewed transit system including new routes, timings, and locations. As per our suggestions, they added Google Transit to the system as well. These developments were made quickly under the guidance of frequent public transportation users.

Even with these changes, there was another problem that persisted: the real-time location of busses remained unknown to individuals. With my passion for technology at heart, I got to work on an app to track the live whereabouts of transit busses. It was met with instant positive feedback and led to the successful development of “Where’s My Bus–Wood Buffalo”.