After witnessing the unbearable stress that bounds itself to the shoulders of dementia caretakers, I decided to build a system that would aid in taking care of dementia patients. I used the Microsoft HoloLens as a prototype of demonstrating the main features of DARE. Firstly, dare would assist in the recognition of faces and names of a dementia patient. Secondly, it also included a text to speech translator for those who are unable to read. Thirdly, it included reminders for the patient to take their medication . Lastly, it included an AR navigation system that would send the patient’s location to the caretaker, as well as tell the patient how to get to their desired destination. I also utilized something called multisensory reinforcement learning (similar to reinforcement learning in ML), where the HoloLens would vibrate, make sounds, and show holograms to reinforce positive habits in the dementia patient.